Kathleen is an independent consultant and executive coach with 25+ years of experience helping leaders and organizations maximize their potential.

Her background has given her unique insights not only into leadership styles and how teams experience these different styles, but also into how organizations can develop current and future leaders. Kathleen has a B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, an M.S. in Education (Organization Development and Workplace Learning) from Northwestern University, and is certified in assessment instruments by:

Prior to launching her own consulting practice in 2003, Kathleen was an internal HR consultant at Hewitt Associates and Motorola.  This background has prepared her to serve leaders and organizations in the following complementary roles:

Leadership Coach

Kathleen has coached hundreds of leaders across a variety of functions, nationalities and roles, in groups and as individuals, for short or long spans. Her focus is always on understanding individual strengths while helping leaders see how they can realistically change and grow in the face of everyday pressures. She believes leaders see the most valuable and lasting change when they feel understood, supported and accountable for their progress.

Encore Career Coach

Kathleen coaches individuals who want to make a change in their career or want to begin thinking about life after their current career. Some might call it retirement coaching. Kathleen prefers to call it “encore career” coaching. She believes most people are happiest when they discover a purpose in the second half of life that leverages their strengths, passion and interests. Kathleen helps clients build a plan proactively to find meaning in the second half of life.

Leadership Assessment Facilitator

Successful leaders are self-aware. Kathleen believes co-worker feedback is crucial to self-awareness. She also knows it’s not easy to understand or process feedback about ourselves, especially if we don’t receive feedback often. Kathleen helps leaders understand and take action from feedback, such as 360° surveys, personality assessments and/or stakeholder interviews.

Talent Management Consultant

Kathleen’s years of internal HR consulting enable her to offer keen, personalized advice and research for HR departments on best practices for accelerating development of key talent. She also frequently facilitates leadership planning meetings, focus groups and senior leader interviews for HR clients.


In addition to her work inside corporations, Kathleen has also served as adjunct faculty at Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change program and as a leadership coach with the Executive MBA program at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She also taught a class on “Influencing without Direct Authority” at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Center for Professional and Executive Development.


In addition to practicing on her own, Kathleen often works as an affiliate coach with the following global coaching companies:

When she’s not working, Kathleen loves spending time with her husband and three kids, reading fiction, working out, camping, hiking and listening to music.