Kathleen believes everyone can realize their potential if given focused support and encouragement.

Similar to the young boy in the starfish story who realizes he can’t throw all the starfish on the beach back into the ocean, Kathleen strives to make a difference one client at a time. (from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley)


Kathleen’s coaching helps clients balance their strengths and blindspots with the realities of work transitions including new roles, changing coworker dynamics and major career decisions.


Kathleen helps clarify what success looks like for each client’s situation, and helps them see how to align behaviors with intentions.


Convinced that change won’t happen unless it’s achievable, supported and important, Kathleen helps clients build and execute practical action plans that fit their unique context and pacing.

Client Testimonials

“Kathleen did a great job of pulling all the various feedback together into an actionable plan that is already making a difference for me and my team.”

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