Change without support isn’t easy, especially for busy leaders.

Kathleen helps leaders define and stay on a path to become better leaders.

Leaders are adept at spotting others’ strengths and determining where they need to grow. The more they move up through the ranks, however, the less feedback leaders typically receive about their strengths, others’ perceptions, and how to improve.

Kathleen’s coaching provides these crucial insights, focusing on each leader’s unique set of strengths and exploring how they can best adapt to challenges in their current or future roles. She does not try to fit her clients into a mold, as if there is one ideal leadership style. With perceptive practicality, she helps leaders explore what success looks like in their distinct situations.

Kathleen typically coaches leaders individually or with their teams.

Her coaching is:

  • Grounded in data, such as 360° feedback, personality assessments, stakeholder interviews and/or observation.
  • Typically involves internal stakeholders in the coaching process at the beginning, middle and end to inspire accountability and assess progress.
  • Flexible – ranging from a couple of coaching sessions to several months, depending on the skills targeted and the leader’s level.

Given her network of coaching colleagues, Kathleen can also source and manage a pool of highly competent coaches for large client projects.

Client Examples